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Our specialist will support your organization in European data privacy compliance while you stay focused on your business. Discover our flexible and tailored approach, based on your needs.


We support you through your digital journey, by leveraging on data Privacy to ensure good practices while enabling business opportunities. 

Simple and flexible approach

One-size-fits-all solutions for different needs and business models might be burdensome. We provide what you need, not more not less. As simple as it sounds, right?

Your goal is our goal

Our expertise will benefit you to find efficient ways to boost your sustainable growth and reach your objectives while staying compliant to enhance transparency and trust from your customers, partners and investors. 


We will work hand-to-hand to create solutions together. We advise and help you implement processes, documentation and key controls while you stay the owner focusing on the business decisions. 

How We Work

Finding a Privacy Professional to support you should be possible in a smooth way. We take care of your needs and urgencies through different solutions. 

#1 Submit your request

Contact us via the request form and describe your need or situation. You will be contacted within 24 hours to set up an e-meeting to deep dive into your situation and how we can help you.

#2 Get your offer

Based on your needs, we will design an offer within 24 hours after our e-meeting. This offer will be completed by a project plan with the milestones and timeline. 

#3 Review, approval & next steps

Based on what we agreed on, we will deliver the final results and agree with you on the next steps: closing of the project, additional implementations or ongoing monitoring and advise.

Why Choose Us?

Our expertize was built by evolving with small organizations and more complex ones in different industries, from the financial services to a tech startup. We guided companies since the beginning of the entry into force of the GDPR, with the holistic approach around compliance.

Certified Privacy Professional

We gained experience through day-to-day practice but also with the most Internationally recognized certifications, from the International Associations of Privacy Professionals, ensuring GDPR readiness and a 360° approach.

Our consultant is able to support you as a:

- Certified Information Privacy Professional/Europe 

- Certified Information Privacy Manager

Specialized in Digital Strategy

Whether you need to build a digital strategy from scratch or need to improve the one you already have, you might need to look closer to personal data and data protection. With an Executive Master in Management and Digital Strategy, on top of a Legal background, our expert will build solutions to support you through digitization. 

Reactivity and Flexibility

Our team will make sure to contact you within 24 hours. Depending on the urgency of your request, this delay can be shorter based on our agreement. 

Our offers are flexible, you can pick one from the different options or ask for a tailored offer. 

We provide a wide range of services

Below, a non exhaustive list on how we can help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I really need to comply with the GDPR?

As long as you are a EU based company processing personal data or a non EU company processing personal data from EU individuals or aiming at providing services on the EU market, you are subject to the GDPR compliance!

What is personal data?

Personal data are information that can help identify directly or indirectly an individual. For instance, an email, a phone number, a unique ID etc. The scope of this definition is very broad and impacts a huge amount of data.

Is the GDPR trend over?

GDPR compliance is an ongoing exercice and will be more and more important in the coming years. With the regulatory landscape evolving to adapt to new technologies and digitization, personal data are at the center of this evolution and compliance with regulations is of paramount importance. 

Do only big companies receive fines for non compliance?

Whatever the size of your company, in case of non compliance with the GDPR, you face:

For the less important breaches, up to €10 million, or 2% of your company worldwide annual revenue from the preceding financial year, whichever amount is higher.

For the more important breaches, up to €20 million, or 4% of your company worldwide annual revenue from the preceding financial year, whichever amount is higher.

The consequences could be huge for your business, your financial health and your reputation on the market.

Flexible Pricing

You just need advisory e-meetings to ask questions and have an expert opinion? Select one of the three packages!
You can still contact us for a tailored offer if you have other needs. 


  • 4 Units block to request opinions or advice on your privacy concerns 


1 Unit = 1 hour


  • 7 Units block to request opinions or advice on your privacy concerns 


1 Unit = 1 hour


  • 10 Units block to request opinions or advice on your privacy concerns 


1 Unit = 1 hour

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