Cookie Notice

What is a cookie?

Cookies are small data or text files placed locally on your computer or mobile device by websites or applications. On these small files can be stored different types of information such as the choice of your language for a specific website for example, which will allow you on your next visit to see this site in your preferred language directly. Such cookies can pursue different purposes.

The Belgian law of June 13, 2005 on electronic communications contains some provisions relating to cookies and their use on websites. The application of Belgian law stems from the European e-Privacy directive, which implies that the use of cookies and their regulations at national level differ according to the European countries which must implement the directive into national law.

DC Consulting (" We / us / our ") is a company active on the Belgian market which therefore follows Belgian and European legislation in this area.

What are the different types of cookies?

Below, the different types of cookies with a different purpose and utility

Necessary cookies: These cookies are necessary to enable you to properly visit and use our website / application / platform. This will allow you, for example, to complete forms or update the content of your "caddy". To access your personal account, necessary cookies also play an identification role to allow you to access your account.

Functional cookies: Functional cookies are intended to facilitate the operation of our website / application / platform by making the visit more pleasant for the user / visitor by personalizing your experience. Concretely, this can result in cookies which retain the choice of your language or your personalizations of private account.

Analysis cookies: These analysis cookies collect data on the use by visitors of our website / application / platform, in order to continuously improve your visit and use experience for an experience optimal.

Commercial cookies: Commercial cookies collect data on browsing behavior to provide you with personalized content and advertising that may be of interest to you. Via these cookies, advertisements for products and services based on your areas of interest may be offered to you.

Who can install these cookies?

First-party cookies: these cookies are managed and installed by us and are specifically linked to our website / application / platform.

Third-party cookies: these cookies are managed and installed by third parties and allow certain navigation information on our website / application / platform to be sent to third parties, such as our partners.

How long are cookies kept?

Cookies generally have an expiration date which may vary depending on their usefulness.

Temporary cookies: some cookies (session cookies) are stored on your browser or application temporarily and are deleted as soon as you close your browser / application.

Permanent cookies: other cookies will be kept longer on your device. Some could be kept until a predefined deadline or manual intervention to delete them. It is these permanent cookies that allow us to recognize you on your next visit.

What is the use of cookies?

DC Consulting wishes to inform you as precisely as possible of the rules surrounding the use of cookies and the types of cookies it uses on its site. Cookies help us to optimize your visit to its website, to remember your technical choices (such as a choice of language, a newsletter, etc.), and to offer you offers and services that are always more adapted to your needs. 

In order to be able to use our website, it is recommended to enable cookies. If cookies are disabled, we may not be able to guarantee that you will have a technical problem-free visit to our site. However, you are completely free to disable cookies if you wish.

We use cookies to improve your visit and use of our website. The cookies we use are secure. The information we collect using cookies helps us identify any errors that may be found on our website and provide you with specific and personalized services that we believe may be of interest to you.


How to manage cookies?

You can view, create exceptions or refuse the installation of cookies at any time via your browser settings. The deletion of installed cookies is also done through your browser settings.

To do so, please follow the steps on the following links:

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If you wish to refuse commercial cookies, you can do so by following the steps on the website:  

You can also check your cookie banner to have access to more information or to customize your preferences. 

This Cookie Notice was last updated on 27/08/2021.